How Pigs Helped Trump Win the Trade War #infographic

How Pigs Helped Trump Win the Trade War #infographic

The U.S. and China— the world's two leading economies— have been in a hot trade war, particularly over the last two years. S.A. President Donald Trump has long accused China of unfair trade and intellectual property theft. But with China emerging as a global economic power, it is perceived as slowing America down.

Trade wars occur when a country enforces heavy tariffs on manufactured products. One international country is responding to the other nation to hit back by imposing specific trade security laws. Their dispute has an negative impact on foreign trade as it escalates. Both countries were levying strict tariffs on the products of each other. Yet China's extreme pork shortage causes them to relax duties on processed beef, also from America.

In this segment, we'll analyze the history of the trade war as well as a detailed look at China's big pork market and how it impacts the global trading economy. They would then address China's pork issue, and how it ended up giving America the upper hand in the trade war.

How Pigs Helped Trump Win the Trade War #infographic

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