How to Unblock a Shower Drain #infographic

 How to Unblock a Shower Drain #infographic

There comes a time in every homeowner or even renter's life when they need to unblock a shower drain. Things like hair, soap scum and mineral build up are all normal in the bathroom and they can quickly clog up your shower drain before you know it. With the tips here, you'll be able to ensure that your shower drain stays clear and you can prevent clogs in the future.

Boiling water can be an effective way to unblock the drains full of grease and soap scum. It's not always the most effective method to use though–so you need to be sure it's right for you before you proceed. If your pipes are PVC or clogged completely, it should not be allowed to use boiling water.

If you don't promise this is the right method to use first, you will hit and miss the outcomes. Boiling water will soften and melt the PVC junctions easily. In some cases, boiling water may even push the clog further into your pipes, making removal even more difficult. If you don't have PVC pipes then it might not hurt just using this method. Only bear in mind that it may not work right away and you will possibly have to use other methods to solve the problem.

 How to Unblock a Shower Drain #infographic

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