Instagram on the App Restrict False Coronavirus Updates #Article

Instagram on the App Restrict False Coronavirus Updates #Article

Instagram also announced after Facebook and Twitter that it is working to keep users updated on the outbreak of the Corona virus, while ensuring that they are only informed with accurate details. It is a smart move with the abundance of fake news spreading on the internet like flames.

Instagram has said its mission is to delete any misconceptions about the virus and ensure full accuracy in the updates. When users tap on a Corona virus hashtag they can now see connections to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other related authorities.

Instagram has now deleted and banned all hashtags that share false facts, which appears to be Facebook's similar move on blocking advertising that spread misinformation.

In an effort to guide users to credible details, Insta has also begun to highlight accounts of the world's top health organizations in search results, as well as for anyone looking for words relevant to coronavirus.

The position played by major social media outlets to counter disinformation and monitor fear among their users is applaudable.

Given the success of Instagram, the platform's attempts to keep users away from false information and excessive hoaxing have been much needed, and will definitely make a difference.

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