Instagram Testing a New Message Feature Disappearant #Article

Instagram Testing a New Message Feature Disappearant #Article

Instagram has announced earlier that it is working on a new Disappearing Message option that will be added to the Direct resources in the application.

The new feature was discovered by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong in research. All your messages will be gone from the chat window for now, after you switch to another part of the Insta app.

WhatsApp has also recently tested the same functionality but it is also noted that the app would have additional control elements that we do not see in Instagram's current version.

Since Facebook has confirmed that it will link all messaging apps that include messenger, direct Insta and WhatsApp, it's important to see that both WhatsApp and Insta are operating on the same choice.

Facebook revealed the merger last year and WhatsApp must have been mindful that whatever they add to the app has to be incorporated with both Insta Direct and Messenger. Though WhatsApp's version of the missing message function appears to be more advanced than Instagram's, it is expected to follow suit shortly.

You will soon have the feature at your fingertips and you'll probably see it on all Facebook-owned devices that have messaging features. This alternative, if it comes with more controls, will theoretically offer more ways for brands to reach out and promote themselves.

But it's important to remember that regulatory bodies may have an problem with the option of disappearing message from Facebook. WhatsApp has faced a lot of pressure in connection with its end-to-end encryption solution and Facebook has also raised several questions about the merger. But whatever that might be, Facebook will carry the option out.

Since Instagram has already announced it will not be long before you see the option on the app.

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