Linkedin Introduces' Featured' Highlighting Part of Your Achievements #Article

Linkedin Introduces' Featured' Highlighting Part of Your Achievements #Article

Your LinkedIn profile gets a new look now.

The famous professional social network is launching a new' Featured' section to show your main accomplishments and updates at the top right of your profile.

According to LinkedIn: "The featured segment helps you to give people who view your LinkedIn profile examples of your work. This is a perfect way to demonstrate your skills and experience."

You can add any LinkedIn articles of your choosing to the section and add links to your personal blogs, portfolio or any website to demonstrate important aspects and achievements that are part of your career.

LinkedIn said this new update was widely requested, and while helping users highlight key aspects of their skills, it will also help freelancers expose their services and expertise to potential customers by directly linking their portfolios or blogs to their LinkedIn profile.

You can pick a' Featured' star in your activity stream to add things to the new section and this will then add the activity to the featured section.

LinkedIn also stated that users will need an authored or published post on the platform to add it to the featured section but, on the other hand, you can simply link your work to the section on any website.

Indeed, the addition will come in handy to refine your expertise, accomplishments and services.  And people are already using it to add links to their YouTube channels or the posts on other pages that they have written.

LinkedIn will make the new section accessible to every user immediately so if you don't see this new update on your profile, you can use it early.

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