Linkedin on the Platform to Introduce Stories #Article

Linkedin on the Platform to Introduce Stories #Article

LinkedIn has planned to roll out stories to other social media sites, as well, which will be made available to users in a short time.

Pete Davis from LinkedIn explained the new feature in detail: "We've already learned so much about the unique possibilities of Stories in a professional context. For example, the Stories format structure is perfect for sharing key moments from work events, the full-screen narrative style makes it easy to share tips and tricks that help us work more smartly, and how Stories opens up new mes

"We've also seen a whole generation growing up with Stories as a way of speaking; they're more comfortable beginning conversations with a full-screen ephemeral format than sharing notifications and choosing to share material that lives as a moment in time rather than as an element in a stream."

 Davis said the stories are currently being tested and no release date has yet been set.

LinkedIn also launched Stories back in 2018, simply named "Student Voices" for university students, which allowed students to share their experiences and engage on the site with others. And as stories are common means of youth communication, it seemed to be the right decision and would help the platform drive further interaction.

Once LinkedIn revealed stories for students at the university, it had reported that it would soon be rolling out stories for everyone, but we do not know what they will look like so far.

The question arises whether or not Stories would be appropriate for LinkedIn or would make a positive difference. Criticism is still coming in, but let's not forget that it was already criticized by Insta Stories, but they obviously made it huge, and the same goes for Facebook Stories as well.

LinkedIn states that not everybody would like the latest functionality, but it makes sense to bring it to LinkedIn considering that the younger generation is inclined towards this feature on other platforms.

And while every major social networking platform seems to imitate one another in this regard, it seems to be a rational step because it is becoming increasingly popular with more people.  As for LinkedIn, we'll have to wait to see if the platform adds up to this.

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