Most Used CMMS Features Throughout 2019 #infographic

Most Used CMMS Features Throughout 2019 #infographic

Computerized maintenance management systems (a.k.a. applications with CMMS) are increasingly becoming a standard approach in many sectors. Development, education, shopping, hotels, colleges, casinos, campuses, gymnastics... Generally any company that has essential physical assets to Maintan will benefit a lot from a strong CMMS program.

Although numerous CMMS providers deliver different range of functionality, ultimately the core list of fetures is the same. And that's why there's a legitimate reason: everybody wants them. CMMS is also used for the application of innovative maintenance techniques such as reactive and predictive maintenance. You need to provide a collection of integrated apps that function together to be able to do this effectively.

Such features include work order management and maintenance calendar to plan and monitor maintenance work, dashboards and reports to track and change maintenance work, and inventory management of spare parts to ensure that maintenance technicians have equipment and spare parts to do their job properly.

With that in mind, guys at Limble CMMS have decided to look closely at their 2019 internal results. To see under what context all such CMMS functions are currently used by their clients. The findings of that research are summarized conveniently in the infographic below.

Most Used CMMS Features Throughout 2019 #infographic

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