Online Dating Is the Way to Meet In 2020 #Infographic

Online Dating Is the Way to Meet In 2020 #Infographic

When you met your partner in 1995, chances are that the first meeting place was probably the pub, party with friends, school or work. Nevertheless, with the advent of technology and dating apps such as Tinder and eHarmony –the dating world has changed a great deal. Nonetheless, a recent Stanford University survey indicates that today most couples are opting to meet their partner online.

The study asked about 5,421 U.S. adults about their partners '' first encounter.' Although conventional meeting places like friends, groups, and restaurants were popular during the 1995 period, 2017 saw a sharp rise in' meeting across online dating platforms.'

In fact, Stanford University reports that between the years 1995 and 2017, the number of heterosexuals meeting their partner on an online medium increased from 2 per cent to 37 per cent. Meeting at a bar / restaurant, on the other hand, has also risen from 19% to 27% between the years studied.

Ironically, when researchers asked about couples ' meeting through friends, families, and even at school or work, the same numbers have dropped.

Online Dating Is the Way to Meet In 2020 #Infographic

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