Prevention Tips for Mosquito Sites #Infographic

Prevention Tips for Mosquito Sites #Infographic

It is important to keep yourself aware of all the dangers around you in the midst of the current health problems around the world and to prepare yourself with the appropriate tools to take care of yourself should you come into any harm. Precaution is safer than diagnosis, after all.

The Pan-American Health Organization has been working to raise awareness and support all the countries on the continents of North America and South America by offering services to address their health problems.

This Pan-American Health Organization infographic concerns the prevention of mosquito breeding sites within and around your living spaces. Mosquito-spread diseases in many parts of the world are a very dangerous and very real threat, the diseases which cause thousands of deaths each year. Throughout third world countries the problem is most prevalent.

Alone the Aedes mosquito was responsible for spreading diseases such as chikungunya, dengue and Zika virus. The mosquitoes grow around open water sources, so the most effective protection against these mosquitoes should be to cover all the large water containers, change the water, and periodically clean the containers out.

You should also avoid collecting water outdoors in areas such as flower pots and empty pails etc, where the mosquitoes can easily breed. Always ensure that pipes and drains are washed out. Mosquitoes will also thrive in moist grass so make sure your garden is clipped and free from weeds.
Being sure to follow such measures can at first be a bit of a hassle, but a little preparation goes a long way and will protect you and your loved ones from such life-threatening, dangerous diseases.

Prevention Tips for Mosquito Sites #Infographic

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