Rising trend of co-working spaces #infographic

Rising trend of co-working spaces #infographic

Regus 11 percent, WeWork 1.7 percent, Breather 0.7 percent, Knotel 0.33 percent, Servcorp 0.33 percent, and 86 percent others are the global operating marketing share of the most influential coworking spaces. 70 per cent of the 200-member coworking spaces are profitable; coworking has extended the professional networks of 82 per cent of respondents. In comparison, 64 percent said their coworking network was an perfect source of company references.Coworkers meet on average between 1 and 4 members a day. Eighty-three percent say they feel less alone after entering the coworking space and 79 percent say that social networks are expanding because of coworking. 89% said they were happy after they entered the coworking space.55% and 31% said they were part of the group. As for temperament, 30 percent tend to be extroverts, 22 percent to be introverts, and the remaining 48 percent to be competitive.

According to Allwork, physical, and mental health, most needed coworking facilities wins the top prize. 52 per cent of coworking spaces in the US are advantageous, while 31 per cent split. 542,000 people served in coworking spaces in 2017, and the prediction predicts that will grow to about 1.08 million people in 2022. Manhattan has as much as 7.7 million square feet of coworking space, followed by Los Angeles with 3.7 million square feet. Washerton, D.C. Has an annual coworking space cost of $843 which is the largest. Houston's lowest, at $220.

Participants are also much happier as they prefer coworking spaces, and even some respondents feel less alone because they meet 1 to 4 members everyday. But it also has spaces that provide wellness facilities, healthy meals, workout areas, and standing desks, and its just not an office or wifi that coworkers pay good money. Coworking spaces add a cherry to your dull work-life every day. Little action is required when people get things done to entertain themselves; this is why some of them choose to work and relax at the same time as a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Rising trend of co-working spaces #infographic

infographic by: ergonomictrends.com

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