Tech To Help Optimize Your Remote Work #infographic

 Tech To Help Optimize Your Remote Work #infographic

Technology has changed the way we work over the last few decades, and has benefited us in many ways. Digital teams accounted for 85 percent of all global enterprise in 2016, and distance employees have risen by 115 percent since 2005. Technology, however, is not always flawless-one out of four fails to communicate with technology alone. Relying on technology alone could lead to lack of team involvement, task management difficulties, and reduced productivity.

New tech means new contact needs-74 per cent of people would prefer to send messages over a conversation in person. The new software helps more cooperation because 91 percent of people want closer relationships with their colleagues in the team. Technology also lets workers contribute to the debate. By making the workers have a say in their jobs, this significantly increases productivity.

Check out how tech makes it easier for you and your colleagues to work here.

 Tech To Help Optimize Your Remote Work #infographic

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