Ten Tourist places that won't Last Long #infographic

Ten Tourist places that won't Last Long #infographic

Everybody is keen to visit the entire world, particularly the most beautiful places in the world. People frequently go on world tours, but clearly not all of the sites are covered in that, so we often can not determine on our own which places we will first visit and which ones we will visit later on. But now I'll share some areas that you can visit before others.

It's not only because of their beauty, but unfortunately those places are dwindling because of human activities, and after a decade or two we want to be able to see them in their present beautiful state. Human beings have only thought for their gain, harming natural life, and without even realizing that they are just living creatures, and in order to maintain proper living conditions. They bring beauty to our world and it is every one of us ' duty to protect them.

Yet all we do is pollute the atmosphere by releasing various gasses and smoke, contributing to global warming that causes the glaciers to melt. As glaciers melt, the sea level increases, as a result of which many islands are at risk of decay. Pollution also causes an acid rain which erodes some beautiful marble structures such as Taj mahal.

Nature has conserved areas like the island itself, isolating them from the rest of the world. Yet developing countries in the vicinity of those areas have found ways to get there. Entrepreneurs begin their business in the form of restaurants and hotels at these locations. The number of vehicles is growing due to the building of roads and bridges and due to this human intrusion the place loses its pure natural beauty.

Human dumping of their waste in the seawater from factories and households, oil spills are normal, and plastic waste is all harmful to aquatic life.  Most marine animals die from human activities each year. Significant barrier reef is a great place to explore around the world.

It is a living coral reef composed of approximately 3000 individual reefs, and is known for its beauty. Yet unfortunately, the creature is also affected by water contamination. Researchers expect this beautiful location, which could also be seen from outer space, to vanish by 2030 due to the increasing temperature of the water— the beautiful city of Venice, which has been under the influence of rising sea level since past.

Venice's inhabitants have managed to maintain their lives by using waterboats to fly. The city is all packed with water except the houses are used and boats instead of cars. Each year a lot of tourists around the world come to Venice to experience this lifestyle. This is the couple's favorite location and last year's tourism was 40 times that of Venice's population. The people are barely maintaining their own lives, and they can not afford many such visitors as a result of which for the next 70 years you might not be able to visit Venice.

Ten Tourist places that won't Last Long #infographic

infographic by: www.tripinsurance.com

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