The Work from Home Users #infographic

The Work from Home Users #infographic

Governments and health organizations are advising their people to restrict their movement and practice isolation as much as possible in order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. As a result, educational institutions, entertainment centers and even worship places have closed to compel people to stay at home and to avoid public gatherings.

And now the limits extend to departments and other organizations in the workplace too.

Coronavirus is a form of airborne infectious disease. Unfortunately, the disease is spreading exponentially and has infected more than 353,000 people worldwide with fatalities of over 15, 427 – so far. The best way to prevent infection with COVID-19 is to avoid physical contact with others, follow hygiene procedures and keep yourself isolated to prevent exposure, according to health authorities.

Many offices across the globe are now adopting a 'work from home' strategy to avoid some form of publicity. And this means that there has been a significant rise in demand for virtual networking platforms like Trello, Slack and Teams.

In this regard, Microsoft said their workplace chat app called Team has seen a 100 percent rise from 20 million active daily users in November to more than 44 million active daily users now. Interestingly, in just the past week alone the average user of the app rose by 12 million.

In 2017 Microsoft launched its Team App as a chat-based Office 364 workplace. In November, the app crossed 20 million active users a day, surpassing Slack-the leader of connectivity devices in the workplace.

The Work from Home Users #infographic

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