Twitter may add notification tag on misinformation detected #Article

Twitter may add notification tag on misinformation detected #Article

Twitter since adding tags to illustrate misinformation in tweets in categories now being tested to suggest misinformation.

According to NBC: "In this version, misinformation or false information shared by public figures will be corrected directly under a tweet by fact-checkers and journalists checked on the platform, and probably by other users who would engage in a new "community reports" feature, which the demo says is "like Wikipedia."

Whether this new addition will ever see the light of day is still not certain but Twitter's efforts to tackle the spread of misinformation on the site, especially when it comes to political campaigns.

But while tags would be helpful in reducing misinformation, research has shown that the real problem is bots which make the information appear more authentic. Back in 2016 about 500,000 bots were identified as fake accounts during the US elections. They were seen as retweeting presidential candidates' messages against their opponents. And more recently, those bots spread false information about the Australian bushfires.

Twitter is also working on illustrating bot accounts with a symbol in this way, so that people can easily recognise them.

Also, while the new addition might be beneficial, Twitter needs to do something about the growing number of bots on the site to counter misinformation.

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