Twitter Recommend Suggestions for Tweet Better Copies #Article

Twitter Recommend Suggestions for Tweet Better Copies #Article

Twitter posted a copy of their tips illustrated by its creative lead Joe Wadlington in February. You can improve your performance and presentation on tweet with these simple tips.

And Wadlington has recently shared more tips for killer tweets, and even though they might seem basic, it is worth keeping in mind to get the results you want.

Wadlington has noted that you should keep your tweets as short as possible to get more attention and the answers you are looking for.

The video posted on Twitter mentions a tweet here:

"So excited to announce our 2020 calendar!????. It features top events for sports, entertainment, conferences and more. Use it to promote such high interaction opportunities!" According to Wadlington, the tweet is pretty long and not streamlined, and it doesn't say much that users don't know. Since users know what a Twitter calendar is and what it contains, there's no point in adding too much text that will possibly stop people from clicking on the link.

Wadlington subsequently changes the tweet to a more condensed form:

"Excited to announce our calendar for 2020???"

Wadlington pointed out that extending a tweet with a line space often makes it "taller," gives it a strong appearance, and describes the CTA well.

Within the second paragraph, Wadlington has included' download now' to make the CTA transparent.

If your goal is to get more clicks, then keep your tweets easy and as transparent as possible.

The entire video above can be watched. The above tips are worth considering to drive the target market into greater exposure.

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