Voice Search Stats For 2019 #infographic

 Voice Search Stats For 2019 #infographic

We found some very interesting voice search statistics which every marketer should know about. Voice search has grown significantly since the early days of Siri, when Apple shook the voice assistant at the center of the base. Alpine...... alpine. Ai says there are each and every month at least one billion voice searches worldwide!

And according to Google, smartphones have made 20 per cent of those search queries. The market is huge and we need to start thinking about how we can incorporate such requests into our ASAP content. To add to the above-mentioned status, Microsoft has reported that there are already 148 million active Cortana users who have asked more than 18 billion questions.

It's remarkable that advertisers took so long to catch up with the rising trend in voice search. How does that mean, then? Okay, first we should start taking the long tail keywords a lot more seriously. Voice searchers do not search for keywords, search with keyword phrases and are much more question-based. And take care of the guest by remembering their needs, and what their issues might be. Answer before they even think about it.

 Voice Search Stats For 2019 #infographic

infographic by: topshelfmedia.ca

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