Yoga Exercises in the Sun #Infographic

Yoga Exercises in the Sun #Infographic

Yoga is an ancient East Asian practice that is meant to help strengthen the body's connection with nature and achieve an inner truth through relaxation, meditation, and spiritual introspection. It is quite common in the culture of today, and is regularly practiced by tens of thousands of people.

It's success derives partly from the fact that it's a holistic activity that focuses both on the body's well-being and on the spirit, and respects the essential link between both. Go to any Yoga class and they'll demonstrate to you that it's more than any old routine of exercise.  The poses in any routine are crafted with the spiritual basis of the practice in mind, and aim to create a harmony with your surroundings.

This Destress Monday infographic shows a special Yoga routine designed to be done outdoors, in the heart of nature. You are told to face the sun while you work, and to express gratitude to a higher power for the Sun, the Earth's life source.

The routine has ten steps, starting and ending on the same pose in a circular form, facing up with your back straight, and you are meant to alternate your breathing movements throughout the routine.

With all its challenges and harsh realities, modern life is quite overwhelming, but concentrating on the good things in life and being thankful for your blessings can do a lot not only to calm you, but also to help you achieve mental clarity and help you identify a higher purpose in your own life.

Yoga Exercises in the Sun #Infographic

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