10 Tips of Good Backpack Ergonomics #infographic

10 Tips of Good Backpack Ergonomics #infographic

Since the word was first invented in 1910 the backpack has been the main way people move their things around. Unfortunately badly built backpacks in countless children, students and adults alike have been the cause of poor posture and even chronic back pain. A thickly padded ergonomic backpack will come with large "S" form shoulder straps and waist or chest straps to uniformly distribute the weight of the backpack over the upper body.

Given the frequency (almost daily) that most of us use a backpack to hold our laptops, binders, and all else under the sun, investing in an ergonomic backpack that doesn't kill your posture or contribute to back strains over time is important. Within this review guide I look at the 5 most ergonomic backpacks you can use every day for the sake of your body and the useful things you carry.

Each of them offers something special in terms of size, features such as anti-theft safety and water proof material while adopting the same basic ergonomic principles that make them easy on your back even after extended use.

10 Tips of Good Backpack Ergonomics #infographic

infographic by: ergonomictrends.com

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