Avoiding Burnout #Infographic

Avoiding Burnout #Infographic

Often everybody gets stressed at work, but do you know that one or more days a week 64 per cent of Americans feel depressed or upset at work? Paired with the 51 per cent claiming that they feel burnt out more than once, makes a history of burnout a possible suspect in the workplace.

Why do we focus on preventing the burnout culture? Okay, the burnout is what? A syndrome induced by chronic occupational stress that involves feelings of fatigue, mental detachment and poor results, as described by WHO.

Chronic stress is detrimental to your health, it rises by 2-5 times during periods of stress cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol entering your body can interfere with memory, decrease immune function, increase blood pressure, and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Reduce cortisol by socializing with family and friends, and having good sleep. Staying healthy physically, and meditating can also reduce cortisol levels. Having help when you need it will keep stress out of control. You can communicate with a therapist over the internet, webcam, email or text at any time these days.

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Avoiding Burnout #Infographic

infographic by: www.online-phd-degrees.com

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