Are Majority of Americans Homebodies? #infographic

Are Majority of Americans Homebodies? #infographic

(Almost) the entire global population laments the continuing lockdown and limited free travel in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But did you know, that some people – mainly American residents, even when they were free to do so, were not the sort to venture outside?

The EPA performed an important analysis in this regard, in which they studied in detail the daily diary of the participants. We found, through their study, that an average American spent just eight per cent of his or her life outside.

The research dates back to 2001, and was undertaken by the EPA to assess the number of Americans exposed on a regular basis to contaminants. But today it's widely used to assess American lifestyle trends.

The study also notes that Americans spend three-fourths of their lives in their homes or in their workplaces. The remaining 13 percent is spent elsewhere indoors and 5.5 percent is invested in cars.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has dramatically altered our everyday lifestyles with people being forced to stay indoors and permitted only to leave their residence for exercise and necessary shopping. While several people are grumbling about the situation, there are those with the family who enjoy quality time-even Americans.

How do you spend the lockout time of your days? In the comments below, let us know!

Are Majority of Americans Homebodies? #infographic

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