Are You Using a Face Mask Yet? #infographic

Are You Using a Face Mask Yet? #infographic

Using face masks may seem unusual, but that is what we all need to do to avoid COVID-19 spreading. We shouldn't use face masks intended for healthcare personnel, but rather use handmade masks of fabric if we go out to the public. It's easy to make a face mask yourself, even if you aren't super handy.

You'll need a bandana and some hair bands to create a face mask, without being able to sew. If you even have simple sewing skills, some fabric squares and some elastic will do the trick. Tighter woven fabric would work better though research on the efficacy of cloth masks ended when the N95 mask was invented.

If you don't want to make a mask, loads of masks are available from home sewers on ETSY that are trying to support their communities. Depending about how much you go out and your laundry cycle you'll probably need more than one mask.

Take the time to learn how to properly put your mask on and take it off. Wash it properly, and store it. Get more information about the face masks below!

Are You Using a Face Mask Yet? #infographic

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