Own the Boss # Infographic

Own the Boss # Infographic

All wants to enjoy good working timings. And what if you got flexible job schedules, time for your kids, and other interests without thinking about your low salary. Freelancing does it. Most people rely on freelancing to earn a side income, but for most people surviving on that income alone can be hard. The whole point of becoming a lucky freelancer is to discover your know-how.
It is important to mention the services you will be delivering, who are your potential customers you would like to work with, your costs, and whether you are offering any packages for your services.Exploring a bit on what your fellow freelancers are paying for the same services is important.

How much you can earn by Freelancing:

 freelancers are earning more in most countries around the world than people who are employed regularly and full-time. Payoneer is a regional payment location that looks at more than 23,000 freelancers from 180 countries at announce patterns. The regular freelancers work 36 hours a week, which is $21 an hour, which is estimated to be more than $39,000 pre-tax salary an annum, according to their record. The average US salary is $52,000.

How do US freelancing tutors perform: 

programming tutors earn $72,000, marketing tutors earn $48,300, design tutors earn $69,000, academic tutors earn $42,000, beauty tutors earn $38,140 and business tutors earn $59,581.

Freelancing Jobs by Opportunity:

 Graphic Designer: depending on the type of job, may earn from $2k to $6k a month.
Web Developers: Will receive an average or very high or lower of about $6k than this. Everything depends on the job.
Virtual teachers: projected to earn $40-50 an hour.
Authors of content and copywriters: can receive between $1k-$ 3k.
Digital marketers: their monthly profit starts at $3k, which may grow above this.

Market-controlled freelancing platforms:

 Z E Q R: It's a forum where one can exchange information with live online classes.
FREELANCER: This website is ideally suited to those who want to boost their careers.
INDEED: This site has space for both: freelancers and daily full time employees searching for a job.
Upwork: This website offers job openings for freelancers and people can get freelancing jobs here too.

Setting your Presence is the right moment. You can make your portfolio, and get some customers ready. You can sign up for your online social media accounts and find a well-paying career. Social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to share your services and costs, so you can recruit quickly. You can earn an salary, and even make your side business freelance to earn extra. Freelancing the above platforms fixes all of your problems and you don't have to compete online. You should know your talents, and where you can make good earnings.

Own the Boss # Infographic

infographic by: www.zeqr.com

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