Community Hub Facebook Launches Covid-19 for Messenger #article

Community Hub Facebook Launches Covid-19 for Messenger #article

Facebook built a Coronavirus Community Forum for messenger to direct users on how they could stay linked due to the pandemic during the lockdown. It also provides information for both parents and companies as well as community organizations.

Both Messenger and WhatsApp have become sites where false news and hoax abounded in COVID-19. Facebook has taken action to delete misleading information both in its mobile app and on its chat applications. And with policy groups requesting that Facebook take action against disinformation, there has been a growing need for the site to identify and remove false information.

As Facebook describes:

"Our relationships give us the strength we need to resolve obstacles, and sustaining those connections is becoming much more important today. The new resource center provides tips for staying connected to your family, friends, faith groups, classmates and colleagues as we practice physical distance."

Facebook also noted:

 "We take your safety seriously and continue to take proactive action to delete fake accounts and catch scammers before they hit you. We've already learned of online treatment attempts or fundraiser scams, and our new guide provides more tips and tools to help people prevent scams online."

Giving users a sense of COVID-19 will help stop the spread of the virus, and social media companies need to make sure that disinformation is minimized and people have easy access to credible sources of information. As the community hub also includes ties to government agencies and organizations that enable them to communicate with their audience during the pandemic, Facebook's move to launch a community hub cntributes the platform's efforts in this regard.

There you can find a wide variety of knowledge and while it might not seem useful it is one of Facebook's attempts to educate its users.

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