DIY searches see an increase #Infographic

 DIY searches see an increase #Infographic

As the government has agreed to shut down restaurants, gyms, hospitals, cinemas, and bars along with other businesses – UK residents are taking matters into their own hands and adopting a DIY procedure for their needs and entertainment as well.

Ironically, this has also prompted people who are 'home-bound' to try their hand at personal grooming. Most DIYers are looking for tips and guidance on how to cut their own hair with the salons for both men and women closed across the world.

In reality, Google Trends figures show an spike in the search term 'how to cut your own hair' only one day after a nationwide lockdown was declared by the UK Government. In the countries facing lockdown, YouTube videos related to DIY haircuts, facials, and other important grooming have become common.

Of course, failure to enter the salon for a scheduled haircut might not be a troublesome situation – relative to the global pandemic we face. It is nevertheless an fascinating phenomenon and demonstrates how the country's strong population is struggling to cope with the current scenario.

 DIY searches see an increase #Infographic

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