Facebook could allow stories to last with a new option for 3 days #Article

Facebook could allow stories to last with a new option for 3 days #Article

Lately, with Facebook stories receiving a lot of coverage, the social media giant has chosen to make them live longer to maximize views on the post.

Jane Wong, an expert in reverse engineering, noticed that Facebook was working on a new alternative that would allow stories to last for up to 3 days, which usually vanish after 24 hours.

This runs counter to the format's key principle but apart from having more views from users, this new alternative might appeal to older users who are new to the platform.

Facebook stories now have about 500 million users, but that's still not beating how well the alternative performed for Instagram, besides Facebook has only 1.66 billion active users every day, and using Stories is much less than Facebook will like. And maybe, the new option would push the format in more uses.

The Stories format continues to become popular and it could overcome news feed posts according to many observers. Facebook also foresees stories because it makes sense to get more people on board the platform beforehand as the future of social media. It could only be likely if current users show more interest in it, and maybe if they lived longer, Facebook is searching for the appeal Stories could get. We can't say if it really does succeed but the idea seems worth it.

This can be dangerous from a marketing point of view, cluttering all of the promotional deals on top of the feeds for users. Maybe you can use it to illustrate limited time sales or exclusive promotions that will last for three days, we would expect people to get used to the new choice and be innovative with it.

Facebook hasn't shared any detail about this but considering the history of Jane Wong's findings, we can expect it to be out in about a month.

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