Facebook to Completely Launch Messenger Windows and Macos App #Article

Facebook to Completely Launch Messenger Windows and Macos App #Article

Facebook launched last month's Messenger mobile app in several countries, and has now revealed that it will now be made available on both Windows and MacOS worldwide.

According to Facebook:

"Now more than ever, people use technology to keep in contact with the people they care about, even when physically separated. In the past month, we've seen more than a 100 percent rise in people using their audio and video mobile client calling on Messenger. Now with MacOS and Windows devices, Messenger's best is coming to the phone, like unlimited and unlimited.

These days video link tools are gaining significant popularity. Houseparty a multi-participant video chat app has seen a 735x growth last month, according to a report. In comparison, in the last three months, another video messaging app has had a big increase in overall user figures, and now has 200 million active users.

Facebook also noted that both Messenger and WhatsApp have seen an spike in video calls in the last few weeks.

So, now appears to be the right time to install Desktop Messenger. Because you can still use Messenger from the web, this doesn't seem big, however, you can keep your chats when working on other stuff with the new app. Chats will pop up when you're working and your computer's OS should also have a notification system installed.

And Facebook has made the feature available on the mobile edition for someone who is in dark mode too.

Facebook mentioned last year that it focused on the Messenger mobile app and although it's been evolving for a long time it still doesn't bring anything new to what's already on Messenger. But it retains practical importance and can be a good tool during this period to catch up with your friends and quickly converse with your mates at work.

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