Instagram Introduces New 'thank You' Stories Stickers #Article

Instagram Introduces New 'thank You' Stories Stickers #Article

As part of its 'Thank You Hour' campaign, Instagram has launched new 'Thank You' stickers for stories; the stickers can be used in stories to highlight different things that users are thankful for during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're launching Thank You Hour today, a story sticker that lets you express appreciation for what's getting you through this period. Use the sticker and add your picture or video to a shared Instagram story at 7 p.m. when friends can see your thanks," Instagram said.

Your snaps with the Thank You sticker will be seen in a group Thank You story function every day at 7 pm local time to all the people you're linked with on the web.

Instagram has released several cause-related stickers in the past which are designed to give users a way through their stories to demonstrate their support for various topics.

Instagram previously launched two other COVID-19 stickers that featured stickers for 'Keep Home' and 'Thanks Health Heros' to promote social isolation and pay tribute to healthcare staff respectively. Instagram users will rally for a cause through these stickers and share vital messages when engaging in efforts to curb the coronavirus.

It's crucial that people take extra measures to keep themselves and their families safe and follow the advice of healthcare professionals. Self-quarantining and social distancing are necessary to curb the spread of the virus among people of all ages.

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