Introducts Facebook 'quiet Mode' to Support Users Spend Time on the Web #Article

Introducts Facebook 'quiet Mode' to Support Users Spend Time on the Web #Article

Facebook recently introduced a new quiet mode to help users better track and monitor their time on the device. It has also updated the segment 'Your Time on Facebook' to help users gain more insight into the way they spent time on the site.

"As we're all adapting to new schedules and remaining at home, setting limits on how you spend your time online can be beneficial. We've introduced Quiet Mode, which mutes most push notifications, so if you're trying to open Facebook while in Quiet Mode, you'll be reminded that you're setting this time aside to limit your time in the app.

You can either switch on 'quiet mode' automatically, or set a time when you want to silence Facebook notifications. If you're trying to use Facebook when the device is set to full mode, you'll see an indicator of how much time is left before the quiet mode finishes, and an option for only 15 minutes to enter Facebook.

In addition to blocking notifications, the new mode will also mask those red dot alerts that appear on the device icon. This new addition is fantastic particularly during this period when more people work from home and want to minimize distractions in order to maintain a balance between work and life.

As previously reported, Facebook has also improved the listings of 'Your Time on Facebook' which it launched back in 2018. Users will get more detail on how they spend time on the app with the most recent update, which also provides a week to week comparison. There is also an option to view Activity Log from the same location that displays your activity which includes posts you've read, liked, or commented on. Though Activity Log is nothing new, Facebook has made it easier to track your Facebook activity from one location by adding this option to the section.

Although use of Facebook and other apps has increased dramatically, it is important to take time off from them in order to concentrate more on yourself, your job and your family. When you have children then it is vital that you spend more time with them as lockdowns can affect their mental health which we might have missed during this period.

Every now and then we must all withdraw from social media and draw a distinction between the world of social media and other, more important facets of our lives. Such additions can help to draw the boundaries and make us more efficient.

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