Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

Diverse results from various countries suggest that men are more at risk of COVID-19 transmission relative to women. The data also understand that more people are being killed than women by the ailment.

For example, the GlobalHealth survey found that 71% of deaths in Italy were due to men-with only 29% being women. Spain registered similar figures with men accounting for 65 per cent of all deaths.

It is also too early to determine why this gender difference has gone wrong. Behavioral and lifestyle decisions, however, are said to play a crucial role as men are more likely to seek help for their symptoms, while women frequently wait.

Men are also relaxed when it comes to hygiene, and can avoid constantly washing their hands or using soap / sanitizer.

The potential explanation for this is poor immunity. Medical researchers have long known men are more vulnerable than women to viruses. It was also suggested that women usually had a stronger immune system, and a greater ability to fight viruses.

Alternatively, women are more likely to develop autoimmune diseases. In reality, research shows that women are assigned 80 per cent of all autoimmune diseases. It includes arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis. This occur when an immune response by a individual is so strong that it affects the body's organs.

Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

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