Linkedin is Offer With Covid-19 Lockdowns Free Mindfulness Course to Help Users Deal #Article

Linkedin is Offer With Covid-19 Lockdowns Free Mindfulness Course to Help Users Deal #Article

In March, LinkedIn revealed that it will provide a number of free online courses on LinkedIn Learning to assist those coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has recently provided an overview of six free courses that can guide people on mental wellbeing and knowledge.

LinkedIn states:

"In the last month, three times as many people watched LinkedIn Learning mindfulness and stress reduction lessons than the previous month. Why? Well, we think it's fair to say that people are searching for ways to handle this new standard. The lines between work and staff are more blurred than ever. The entire family is still home, our colleagues and employers are physically impaired.

Of course there are and will be psychological impacts caused by the pandemic, particularly due to the lockdowns, and it is important that during this period you keep your mental health in check.

Meeting friends and family in person in many parts of the world is now limited due to security measures and this can have a huge effect on one's mental health. With malls, gyms, restaurants, parks, movie theaters and other avenues closed, it may be difficult to combat tension. To cope with these unpredictable times, therefore, it is worth considering LinkedIn's learning courses, which include:

  • Mindfulness Techniques 
  • How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed
  •  Work-to-Life
  •  Manage Pressure for Positive Changes
  •  The Mindful 
  • Work-to-Work Meditations

Not all of this, LinkedIn has also made other pandemic-related learning courses available for free that will help you get through this time. They include 'Transition of educators into online education,' 'Work seekers manage career strategies in today's job market' and many more.

When you have time to spare, then it's worth spending some hours in LinkedIn Training courses. If you're trying to develop your skills to better your situation or need a few tips to counter the lockdown's psychological impact, you'll find a course for that here. And the best part, they're gone!

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