Make better hot chocolate #infographic

 Make better hot chocolate #infographic

The only thing you will get in winter is hot chocolate. You can choose this delicious drink either in the morning to give your day a sweet start, or in the evening sitting in your cozy blanket releasing tension with every sip of chocolate that will please your taste buds and make you enjoy the moment. Besides its yummy taste, the hot chocolate cocoa contains flavonols with so many health benefits and helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol rates and lower sugar levels.

It decreases inflammation and reduces the risk of a heart attack. True, our favorite drink is really so good, and in the winters we can eat it everyday without thinking it may not be safe. Everyone loves hot chocolate in its original shape, but the problem arises when you are fed up with consuming the same thing and sometimes the same flavor gets boring.

But if you want to keep yourself warm and cozy, there's no better alternative to hot chocolate so what should we do then? In this matter, some amazing chefs have helped us and told us eighteen wonderful ways to improve our hot chocolate so we don't have to drink it the same way every time. Now you can add various ingredients to your hot chocolate and each time you have a wonderful new flavour.

It is important to be grateful to the people who suggested these flavors because you can now drink hot chocolate from November to February in the winter without getting fed up with the same taste. You can either replace any of these flavors with your typical hot chocolate, or try a new flavor every time. Also after all the ingredients have been used, you can always stick to three or four flavors that you like best. Whatever the findings may be, you'd at least not have to drink the same hot chocolate all winter.

The list also includes some rare ingredients, including cayenne pepper and slice of pumpkin. It might not sound like goos with hot chocolate, but everybody has their own preference and it's definitely not a bad idea to try it out. We are, however, familiar with other ingredients such as peanut butter and caramel, and these can be some yummy additions to hot chocolate that everyone would love to try. Adding lavender buds will also improve the cocoa aroma and taste, providing a calming effect.

Irish and vegan hot chocolates are also a nice choice and you can upgrade your hot chocolate by simply replacing the ordinary milk with vanilla almond milk as well. The above mentioned toppings are also lovely and readily available ingredients to give your cup of hot chocolate a wonderful feel. Marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate, or cinnamon sticks are easy to find at your local supermarket. So just don't let it go, decorate it as you wish and enjoy it as luxury as you can.

 Make better hot chocolate #infographic

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