Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

 Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

Right now, we are both anxious, no matter what our situation. A pandemic affects all facets of our everyday lives, and people are stressed that they may die while others are stressed that they can not work or go to school. The worst thing is that we have no way to say when all of this will end, which leads to a perfect storm that wrecks our mental wellbeing. How do you protect your mental health while you are in quarantine?

Next, make sure that you check in with yourself and tend to your own needs. Watching too much television or spending too much time thinking about issues beyond your control can be tempting. Work on getting yourself cared for. Get plenty of food, plenty of fluids, a healthy diet and ample exercise-just not too much.

Going for a walk, setting up a routine, and calling people every day will help keep you connected. Learn more on how to protect your mental health during quarantine below.

 Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

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