Quick Overview of Small Businesses in the Usa #infographic

Quick Overview of Small Businesses in the Usa #infographic

The U.S. Congress had proposed relief programs for the people that were suffering as a result of coronavirus, as the country had restricted economic operations. Nonetheless, statistics indicate that the small business plan has now run out of money – leaving a large portion of America's more than 20 million small businesses out in the rain.

Small companies are also known as America's backbone and account for 90 percent of all businesses operating in the USA. We now provide jobs to a total of 135 million employees in different capacities and lead to nearly $9 trillion in annual sales.

Unfortunately, America has suffered one of the novel pandemic's worst-hit. The nation has more than 712,000 diagnoses with 32,823 deaths as of this writing and the number continues to rise.

Even though the country has declared a relief plan for the people affected by the virus, it has run out of funds. And a White House spokesman says it may take a few weeks for funding to come in to support small business owners.

As with most of the world's businesses, the small business sector also faces a deficit in the COVID-19 pandemic. And the middle-and-lower class residents are likely to struggle greatly if the American Congress is not allocating new stimulus funds.

Let's take a quick look at the small companies in the US in the Infographic below.

Quick Overview of Small Businesses in the Usa #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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