Should the economy reopen? #infographic

 Should the economy reopen? #infographic

The coronavirus epidemic has led many countries to implement lockdowns of varying degrees. As a result, millions of people lost their jobs and a number of companies closed. It has also brought production and consumption to an abrupt halt-leading the worst-case global economy.

In such a scenario it is common for people to expect the economy to restart soon. Is this therefore the best time to restart the economy when the COVID-19 distribution is at its fullest?
The Ipsos conducted a survey in this regard and found that people of various countries had conflicting views on the reopening.

Russians, for instance, support restarting the economy. You too are the most positive of it! Germans have a similar response, too, and are satisfied with their country's coronavirus response.

India, which has enforced a very tight lockdown since the end of March, may reopen some businesses after May 3 and ease travel restrictions. And while Indians are anxious about leaving their homes in the midst of COVID-19 and the possible after reopening consequences – 51% are in favor of resuming business operations while 43% disagree and say it's too early.

China and Italy – the two countries that have been struck hardest by the coronavirus pandemic have a lot of people trying to rebuild the economy. Although the Chinese are still nervous about going out again, Italians are eager to start a normal life again.

It should be noted here that since 9 March the Italians have been under strict stay-at-home orders, the longest lockdown in Europe to date.

Are you happy going out looking for a living? In the comments below let us know your thoughts on the economy reopening!

 Should the economy reopen? #infographic

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