Snapchat to Keep Updated Users With Covid-19 Updates a New Segment #Article

Snapchat to Keep Updated Users With Covid-19 Updates a New Segment #Article

Snapchat recently revealed it would launch a coronavirus news feed to keep users updated about the current pandemic alerts.

The new panel will include reports from selected news outlets about what is documented, and will also include information about health organisations like the World Health Organization and the UK National Health Service. It will also show official communications, along with policy statements, from the coronavirus task force at White House.

That's not everything, Snapchat also released its "Coronavirus: Slow the Spread" page, which is dedicated to knowledge about COVID-19. The channel will also feature stories about Snap users and how they survive in quarantine and how they deal with lockdowns.

In addition, the company will launch a new AR game focusing on busting common myths and misconceptions about COVID-19. Snapchat also launched a mental health center 'Here for You' last week to provide users with assistance and help in the midst of coronavirus stress and fear.

Snapchat is home to many young people and the app will do its best to keep them updated about COVID-19. While it has been noted that fewer young victims have occurred, this does not mean they are immune and have to play their part in keeping themselves and their loved ones protected from the virus.

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