The Coronavirus Increases Racism Towards Asian Americans #infographic

The Coronavirus Increases Racism Towards Asian Americans #infographic

After the advent of COVID-19, prejudice against Asian Americans in the US grew significantly. Indeed, a recent survey suggests that the American view of China is increasingly diminishing.

Pew Research Center's survey showed that 66 per cent of American adults had a negative view of China. Since 2010 the figures have increased by 30 points and have risen dramatically since 2017.

On the contrary, just 26 per cent of adults in the US make up China's desirable choices.

The Republicans and Democrats usually have divergent views. In this situation, however, the majority of representatives of both parties view China as undesirable, with Republicans 72% and Democrats 62%.

Overall, 71 percent of Americans over the age of 50 have an unfavorable view of China, while 67 percent of those between the ages of 30 and 49 are dismissive of the nation.

Survey findings show that a overwhelming majority of Americans perceive China as a challenge to the United States. According to the report, about 9 out of 10 Americans see the Kingdom of China as a threat to their country, while 62 per cent see Chinese as a threat to MAJOR.

Americans across China are most worried about their effect on the environment though there are still some apprehensions about the country's cyber attacks, trade deficits and job losses.

Over time, the Americans are starting to feel more threatened by China – for reasons unrelated to COVID-19. Nevertheless, the virus does act as a focal point that helps many U.S. citizens, along with government officials and lawmakers to more freely express their criticisms.

The COVID-19 or coronavirus was first discovered late December in China's Wuhan district. This has since spread exponentially worldwide with 202,100 deaths affecting over 2,900,000 individuals. The United States is the most affected by the virus, with cases distributed across all 50 states, reaching as of this writing a total of 946,921.

Rumors say the virus is not a natural pandemic-but a laboratory-grown pandemic in China. Because of China's tense relationship with America, some analysts are even claiming that the Chinese authorities intentionally released the virus to upset the USA.

These may be just myths but COVID-19's overwhelming spread has definitely generated China's inferior perception in front of the entire world. What are you thinking?

The Coronavirus Increases Racism Towards Asian Americans #infographic

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