The Future Of Digital Therapeutics Is Here #infographic

The Future Of Digital Therapeutics Is Here #infographic

The potential now lies, with interactive therapy treating what was previously untreatable. And the demand is expected to rise to $7.8bn by 2025, so remain here. The groundbreaking new technologies include improved diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, obesity, central nervous, gastrointestinal disorders .

Combining operating instruments and automated software surgeons can now alleviate tremors without invasive surgery. The Exablate Neuro, an ultra-sound-producing helmet, makes use of sophisticated algorithms to simultaneously produce several ultrasonic blasts to kill diseased brain parts. We have now treated more than 2,000 people with major tremors and Parkinson's disease!

Forget about demolishing brain cells, why not reprogram them? The Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSMEtm) helps us to. The console comes with games which adjust to the skill level of the player, using sensory and motor stimuli to activate key brain areas. This can help to relieve ADHD, Autism and Severe Depression symptoms.

Will digital therapies shape the next medical frontier? It sure looks like this is the case, but don't take our word for it, here you can read more about digital therapies!

The Future Of Digital Therapeutics Is Here #infographic

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