The New Frontier Of Distance Learning #Infographic

The New Frontier Of Distance Learning #Infographic

Throughout the last few years, and particularly in the last few weeks, online learning has boomed as students were sent home because of COVID-19. As a result this online learning software is put to the test. But looking at the latest tech of learning itself will help to remind us what may be in store.

Online software learning has several different forms, each each having its own pros and cons. Mobile learning gives learners the ability to experiment whenever they want and it helps teachers to track the learning of their students more easily. Interactive video is becoming larger because it is much easier to deliver material such as presentations, explainers, and interviews than any lecture hall would. All of this new technology is being driven far beyond its limits and only time can tell what will happen.

Check out the advantages of learning online and how to use online learning during this emergency period here.

The New Frontier Of Distance Learning #Infographic

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