The power of Forgiveness #infographic

The power of Forgiveness #infographic

Pardoning is a pillar of Christian spirituality. We know Christ died in order for us to receive salvation, and we know we are called to forgive others. But often, due to a lack of understanding, or feelings of resentment that we have not dealt with, we can not completely understand the importance and strength of true forgiveness.

I'd have some grudges, before I knew Jesus. Especially when I believe like I or others have been treated unfairly. Yet when I was rescued, everything had changed, including my desire to let sins go, and more quickly forgive. It is so much easier to show grace and compassion for us as we understand the importance of a good God recognizing each one of our bad, selfish, even terrible actions and thoughts, and yet choosing to love and forgive us. Because when you know God, it changes your outlook and the very way you see life.

Every challenge, question, annoyance and offense in the light of eternity seems to carry little weight. If you interact regularly with the Lord who gave his son for you, it is hard to bear a grudge. "Thank you, God, for everlasting life and liberty, but I can't forgive my sister for failing to watch my baby." It just doesn't work. So if my old college roommate is reading this April, I forgive you for wasting half of my wardrobe without asking ... and I'm sorry the time to cover your car keys. Both times, Okay.

The power of Forgiveness #infographic

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