Tiktok Launches a New Initiative to Covid-19 Lockdowns During Users #Article

Tiktok Launches a New Initiative to Covid-19 Lockdowns During Users #Article

TikTok has recently unveiled a new # HappyAtHome campaign to keep users amused and linked to their favorite celebrities in the midst of lockdowns.

With this, TikTok is trying to add famous artists, actors and comedians to the platform where they are going to share a series of live streams every day at 5 pm.

"We've partnered with a wide range of awesome celebrities and producers to launch something special: # HappyAtHome: LIVE!, a week of nightly programming that kicks off today at 5:00 PM PDT and runs through Friday every evening. The aim is simple: share some levity, provide some warmth and take on the responsibility that we all have to do the right thing by staying indoors and avoiding the spring.

It is not clear how long TikTok plans to run the program for but within the first week you can expect some of the best celebrities. TikTok has a lot in store for its users, from motivational talks and culinary tips by Tyra Banks and Arnold Schwarzenegger to intimate appearances by award-winning artists including Alicia Keys and Jason Derulo.

Yet entertainment isn't all TikTok aims to offer, it will also have WHO streams to teach users about the latest pandemic. This also helps to support the platform's 'Stay Home' message.

TikTok appears to have been a notable increase in users over the past year, but it has not yet earned much revenue in Western markets, and most of its revenue is generated by eCommerce integrations.

With time we can expect TikTok to implement eCommerce tools to earn more revenue and maybe it's the right ye to do that now.

It's going to be fascinating to see what's next on the web, but visibility now seems to be the prime focus that can also bring to the app as many users as possible. Although this is a fantastic opportunity, it makes sense to add celebrities to attract more viewers.

Although we can't be sure of the long-term position of the app, it has tremendous potential to draw more users.

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