Twitter to view Complete Retweets use Comments #Article

Twitter to view Complete Retweets use Comments #Article

Here's some positive news for users on Twitter.

Twitter is working on a new Retweet display format that merges the total number of retweets and comments, and displays them together.

As you can see from a Twitter user shared in the screenshot above, the count of comments is combined in a simple format with the total number of Retweets.

Twitter has also accepted a retweet with a message to be a single tweet but it doesn't intentionally do it. Many users doubt this is really a bug. It will, however, become clearer once the experiments run out.

Twitter is now working on introducing two separate sections without feedback for retweets, for feedback and retweets. That will make it easy for users to keep track on the conversations they are most worried about.

According to Twitter:

 "This is a test on iOS. People have told us they want to see more of the conversations they care about, so we're trying to make Retweets with feedback easier to see." Trying is limited to iOS right now but we should expect it to be available to more users very soon. A small positive move would make it easier for Twitter users to keep track on how they conduct their tweets and who is interacting with them.

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