What Are Garage Door Springs? #infographic

What Are Garage Door Springs? #infographic

Torsion springs are usually mounted horizontally above the garage door, but they may often be mounted at the back on older homes with smaller garages. Cables fixed to the bottom corners of the garage door wind the springs up as the garage door drops, generating stored energy. This accumulated energy is used to unwind the spring and lift the door when it's time to open the garage door.

An extension spring is the least common type of garage door spring. Usually you will find them above the door line, though they will sometimes be placed vertically to the left. This device uses springs connected to the wires, which are connected to the garage door's bottom corners. The springs are stretched, or extended when the garage is closed, and the energy contained in the extended springs is what lifts the garage door back up.

What Are Garage Door Springs? #infographic

infographic by: garagedoorrepairpros.ca

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