Whatsapp to Add a New Restriction on Message Forwarding #Article

Whatsapp to Add a New Restriction on Message Forwarding #Article

WhatsApp has recently announced that to reduce the influx of misinformation on the site, it is setting a cap on message forwarding.

According to WhatsApp:

"Last year we introduced users to the idea of messages that have been sent several times. Such messages are labelled with double arrows to show that they did not come from near communication. However, such messages are less intimate than standard messages received on WhatsApp. We are now implementing a cap so that such messages can only be sent to a single ch.

Users could initially send a message to up to 256 contacts at once, but recently WhatsApp limited the sending of message to only 5 people at a time. WhatsApp has now begun to mark messages as 'extremely transmitted' if they are sent to five or more people and you can only send those messages to a single person.

Many reports have pointed to WhatsApp as the main source of misinformation campaigns. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, false news revolved around the virus-related device, which not only implies fake cures but also unbelievable virus-related 'reality.'

WhatsApp is a popular mass messaging app, especially in the world's developing regions, and its scope is a cause for concern in this regard. So restricting misinformation on the app is necessary to curb the coronavirus. People need access to reliable details, so they can keep up-to-date and help defend themselves and their loved ones.

Facebook has put a lot of effort into combating false information, but with WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption — that doesn't allow anyone other than the person participating in a conversation to see the content being shared — it is facing a challenge.

Forwarding restrictions makes sense, particularly during this period, but Facebook's pressure to minimize misinformation on WhatsApp the change Facebook's plans to carry out end-to-end encryption in the future for its other messaging services.

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