Who is Watching Netflix Amidst the Pandemic? #infographic

Who is Watching Netflix Amidst the Pandemic? #infographic

The global health emergency forced a wide world population to live in homes for weeks-maybe months! So with no movie theatres, pubs, so restaurants to enjoy – in the one and only Netflix, many of us are taking consolation.

The video streaming company, Netflix has seen exponential growth in the past few months and confirms the notion in its latest quarterly report. Netflix added nearly 16 million paying subscribers to its services, which hit a colossal 182.9 million users, according to the Q1 2020 results.

The company plans to cross 190 million paying subscribers worldwide by the end of June.

The streaming company, however, was smart enough not to gloat about its recent successes and acknowledged the delicate situation we are all part of. The organization recognized the recent scenario in a reflective note to its shareholder and said they were lucky to have a service which is valuable to the people confined at home.

The organization also wrote down its intention to continue its operation during these test periods with minimal disruption.

The latest coronavirus pandemic has produced an unpredictable global situation. To stop the spread of the virus, nearly all countries around the world have directed their people to stay home, restricting business opening to necessary grocery and medication only. As a result, the 'homebound' population uses technology to teach, work, interact – and of course entertain.

And the latter's results show up in the graph below!

Who is Watching Netflix Amidst the Pandemic? #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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