YouTube is making 'Video Builder App' accessible to more businesses #Article

YouTube is making 'Video Builder App' accessible to more businesses #Article

In the digital marketing world, video content is a big deal, because it gets the most attention compared to other content styles.

Statistics from Facebook have shown that video content performs better while Twitter has revealed that tweets featuring videos are receiving 10 times more interaction than tweets without them. People are more likely to share video posts on LinkedIn than any other kind of posts and the same goes for other sites on social media. Although videos do work better, it is a tough job to create video material.

Video shooting is near to unlikely with the COVID-19 lockdowns but not fret. Recently, YouTube has made its Video Builder platform available to more businesses so they can easily create high quality content. You can make attractive videos using the app, with photos, existing videos, models and music clips.

The tool is still a work in progress but with the COVID-19 lockdowns, the platform makes it accessible to more companies so that they can take advantage of the digital video content gaining attention.

YouTube agrees:

Since companies of all sizes are pressed for time and money, and in-person video shoots in many countries are no longer feasible, we are accelerating the next stage of the availability of Video Builder. Using this tool, any company that wants a video can build one that helps link and keep them updated using their customers — whether through an advertisement campaign, website or email.

YouTube is still working on the tool as stated, but allows more corporations to use it in order to promote their campaigns in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to YouTube, Vimeo and VSCO have released their own video production apps, and if you're looking for simple ways to create beautiful video content, there are plenty of resources that you can use.

But for now, Video Creator comes with a couple of limitations you need to learn. While the tool is free, it allows you to make clips up to a length of 15 seconds. Plus, you can't import and use the video clips as you want. Only your friends or coworkers can post your video and ask for their feedback, save it to your YouTube channel or use it for ad campaigns. The videos you make on the app can't be downloaded and used on any other app.

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