61 Interesting Facts About Sleep 2020 #Infographic

61 Interesting Facts About Sleep 2020 #Infographic

Teenagers should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep, but nearly three-fourths are not. Some school districts are trying to fix this sleep deprivation problem by pushing back school start time. Yet other teens just see this as another excuse to stay up longer. Now This is an important fact about sleep. I assumed they only needed 7-8 hours of sleep by the time they were in high school like an average adult.

If you look at how much sleep people get across the planet, there doesn't seem to be as much difference as you would have expected. The results are all fairly consistent, with an average of just a few minutes separating countries like the USA, UK, Canada , Mexico, and most European countries. The biggest differences can be seen in the sleep patterns in Japan , South Korea, and some other Asian countries, which get about an hour less sleep than the United States.

American children and adolescents tend to go to bed later than adults, and then wake up later too. It's not the fault of them and they're not just lazy. Many studies also shown that younger people are only hardwired to stay up longer. There are real biological causes that come into play, no matter what you try to do, making younger people get tired later in the day than adults get.

Couples appear to go to bed early, and often to get up earlier. This may not have anything to do with actually being in a relationship, but rather focused on the fact that the couples surveyed were in their twenties, thirties and beyond, and both of these age groups appear to wake up early for work compared to others.

One in five Americans get to sleep by drinking alcohol. Again, this does not in all cases mean violence, because most of these people only have a glass of wine or something similar a few hours before bedtime.

Stress can also lead to insomnia, and to cope with that can lead people back to drugs and alcohol. This often begins a cycle of dependency, as some people after drinking or taking heavy medication can wake up tired the next day, leading to poor job performance and even more stress. Around half of those surveyed, 52% of men and 42% of women said stress caused them to lose concentration on their jobs.

61 Interesting Facts About Sleep 2020 #Infographic

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