Body Language Secrets Everyone Should Know #infographic

Body Language Secrets Everyone Should Know #infographic

I'm confessing I'm terrible reading body language — especially facial expressions. Well, I love infographics like this one because it's an easier way to investigate the big or small signals that the bodies of people offer to the feelings of a person ... Without having to pose like a total weirdo on actual people.

Clinical and medical evidence has been established that such signals are more or less reliable when interpreting people's emotions. For example, you might not be told immediately that you are deceptive, not interested or attempting to avoid a conversation.

Their body posture will, however, show signs of averting by trying to enforce a physical obstacle (the arms crossed are the easiest thing to notice). On the other hand , a person interested in a conversation would show signs of "openness" or "welcoming" behavior-no arms or legs crossed, legs pointing forward, and/or a person leaning toward the other.
Body Language Secrets Everyone Should Know #infographic

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