Death Toll Slows in Europe #Infographic

 Death Toll Slows in Europe #Infographic

According to Worldometers figures, COVID-19's death toll is gradually easing off in France, Italy and Spain. The 7-day rolling averages currently indicate a substantial decrease in death tolls in all three countries.

Italy recorded a mere 174 deaths on May 3. The figures were the lowest in the country since mid-March. Likewise, Spain also reported only 164 deaths while France's fatality counter stopped at 135.
Germany now has the lowest death rates in all of Europe while the UK has the highest death rates. An significant downward trend in confirmed deaths, however, is also noticeable for the UK.

The U.S. is seeing coronavirus hit the worst. The death count here exceeds 1,000 daily, while the highest figure was seen at 2,600 deaths on April 21st.

Yet China-the outbreak's home base never recorded death rates as high as those recorded by Europe and the United States.

The coronavirus has killed more than 3,626,082 individuals with a global death rate of 251,047 as of this writing. The total US deaths exceeded 69,000 while Spain and Italy recorded 25,428 deaths and 29,079 deaths respectively.

 Death Toll Slows in Europe #Infographic

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