Earnings of Different Youtubers #infographic

Earnings of Different Youtubers #infographic

There's a place in everybody's life where his life is changed completely. And that feeling causes frustration when you see someone receiving more than what you get in a week. If you want to make the same amount of money, then you should know the creators of Youtuber and what they earn every minute. There are a variety of myths about the Youtube consumers as well as Youtube makers. Recently people took YouTube as a forum, which is a fast way to earn money while just a few percentage of YouTubers make money from it. The truth is, these are the people who already have a label, a huge population, or enough capital to create smooth material.

Top YouTube stars, and earn on their channels every minute

Ryan ToysReview: 

This channel is from a seven-year-old who reviews his parents 'toys and collections. His name is Kaji Ryan. He has 21,033,436 users, 31bn views, 1,473 posted videos. His earnings per minute on video are $5,204.92. (Total earnings in 2018: $22 million and Total minutes of material uploaded: 4,226.77 min.

Jake Paul:

 Jake Paul is named after him.

Jake, the younger brother of Logan Paul, is known for hip-hop albums, and merchandising.

He has 19,570,464 subscribers, 6bn views, 819 videos uploaded. His video-earning per minute is $8,511.14.

(Total earnings for 2018: $21.5 million and Total minutes of content uploaded: 2,526.1 minutes)

Dude Perfect:

 Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney make up a party of 5 men. They are a sports entertainment team that pull off tricks and stunts and have 44,300,512 subscribers, 8 billion views and 210 videos uploaded. They make $85.026.78 a minute.

(Total 2018 earnings: $20 million and Total minutes of content uploaded: 253.22 minutes)


This channel is from a British Let's Play star renowned for its Minecraft content. He's named for 

Daniel Middleton. He has 21,901,353 users, 15bn views, 3,186 videos posted, and receives $1,487.74.

(Total 2018 earnings: $18.5 million and Total published content minutes: 12,434.93 minutes)


 Jeffrey Lynn Steininger is a Jeffrey Star Cosmetics producer and drug reviewer with his own cosmetics collection. He receives $10,077.99 per video, with 15,630,755 subscribers, 1.8 billion views and 349 uploaded videos. (Total 2018 earnings: $18 million and Total posted content minutes: 1,786.07 minutes)


 This channel is owned by Mark Fischbach who is a comedy star in Let's Play and Sketch and is also known for live charity sessions. He has 24,213,776 users, 11.5bn views, and 4,451 videos uploaded. Its earnings per minute are $1,393.41.

(Total 2018 earnings: $17.5 million and Total published content minutes: 12,559.08 minutes)


 Evan Fong, is a celebrity from Canada Let's Play and a voice actor. With 24,788,775 subscribers, 11 billion views and 1,033 posted videos he earns $6,538.51 per minute. (Total earnings in 2018: $17 million and Total minutes of uploaded content: 2,599.98 minutes)


The owner of this channel is Sean McLoughlin, an Irish Let's Play site. In 2018 he donated $1 million to charity. He has 22,506,037 subscribers, 11bn views, and 4,206 videos posted. $1,075.57 is his video-earning per minute. (Total 2018 earnings: $16 million and Total published content minutes: 14,875.82 minutes)


This channel was owned by a popular Swedish Let's Play star Felix Kjellberg who pulled for antisemitic content. He has 98,630,644 users, 22bn views, and 3,919 videos uploaded. Each video minute, he receives $3,319.71. (Total earnings in 2018: $15.5 million and Total minutes of posted content: 4,669.08 minutes)

 Logan Paul: 

full name is Logan Alexander Paul, he's a somehow notorious spectator-based vlogger and a lot of products. He has a total of 19,688,389 subscribers with 4bn views and 640 videos uploaded. His video winnings each minute are $11,688. (Average earnings for 2018: $14.5 million and Total minutes of content uploaded: 1.240.57 minutes)

Those were YouTube's top stars who only won by uploading their content to Youtube and got massive amounts of money by clicks and views from their viewers. As long as you get clicks and get good views for your posts, it doesn't matter how old you are or who you are.

Earnings of Different Youtubers #infographic

infographic by: blog.peteyvid.com

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