German Online Casino License Regulations #Article

German Online Casino License Regulations #Article

Germany is one of the biggest and also the most developed country in Europe. However, the thing with this country is that it consists of numerous states and that each one of them has pretty big autonomy when it comes to legal regulations.

This refers to gambling as well. Things are quite complicated here. On one side, land based casinos are under the jurisdiction of states, while the online betting on the other side is regulated by federal laws. This makes things quite complicated for someone who just wants to practice online gambling. Therefore, we will try to explain and make things simpler.

First of all, it is very important to make a difference between online casinos and online sports betting. For those who prefer sports betting, life is much easier, as online betting websites are legal for a quite long time. Moreover, a great thing to know is that these websites are under the jurisdiction of states. Each state issues its own license and no website can ever be issued on the federal level. Also, we should mention that these licenses are given to private, instead of state-operated companies.

On the other side, things aren’t that simple with the online casino. The country started with reforms a couple of years ago but if we want to stick to the law strictly, this kind of gambling is still forbidden in Germany. However, legislators are working hard and it is expected that things will change soon. The new set of laws should cover various things, including online casino and poker licensing. It is expected that online casinos will become completely legal in the near future and that German houses will finally get the opportunity to get their licenses.

That doesn’t mean much to gamblers at this moment. Still, a great thing to know is that you can play online casinos anyway. Just like in most parts of the world, the online casino is in the grey zone in Germany as well. In practice, this means you can play online casino games on websites that are located outside Germany, as there is no act that forbids such activity.

All in all, the conclusion is that you can play online casinos without consequences. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to get protection in case of fraud or any other irregular activity.

When it comes to land based casinos, it’s good to know that all kinds of land based gambling are legal in Germany. Still, keep in mind that regulations are pretty tight. The government holds a monopoly over all kinds of betting operations, at least in some portion. When it comes to land based casinos, each state issues a license. Still, a good thing to know is that things are a little bit different in practice. There are many places that offer casino games, although they don’t have a license. This particularly refers to bars and restaurants, where you can always find a couple of slot machines and similar things. You can find another selection of online casinos at

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